3-D Artwork

Part of the animated artwork for the CANstruction Food Drive video at Kelley Blue Book in 2014. The theme was NASCAR, hence the 'mispelled' NASCAR on the flag.


Advertising Mock-Up for the Irvine MetroLink Station

Tee Shirt Designs

I have yet to meet Ken in person. He was referred to me by a best friend and with that being said, and with all my dealings with Ken being via email thus far, Ken has been FANTASTIC to work with. He has been very professional, up front and honest with turnaround times and cost, and created a t-shirt design based solely on simple ideas I had in my head. The t-shirt design Ken created is for my Scentsy team shirts that we will be sporting at a mini Scentsy Convention my team and I will be attending. We can’t wait to show off the simple, yet cool & fun, team shirts! THANK YOU KEN! -Katrina


VAX Programming Language Book Cover Design


Technical Illustrations

3-D Version of the Hollywood sign for a musician friend